Friday, June 2, 2023

About Us

MenaFeeds portal was launched to be a comprehensive news portal, according to a professional work environment and a network of specialized editors.

MenaFeeds is a news portal characterized by breaking news, analysis, hot reports, and book articles. The newspaper is subject to labor laws and clean media, and we are not affiliated with any political current or party. It is keen to satisfy the public and the diversity of its interests. It also depends on innovation and forms of modern journalism that depend on interaction and presentation of materials in an attractive manner, In addition to the news footage videos, to convey the event live.

MenaFeeds works around the clock to transmit important events first-hand with permanent credibility and transparency in an effort to create an added value for visual and readable content and to create a database of important events and news at the Arab and international levels.

The site contains several sections of interest to readers in the Arab world, as well as Arab events in particular and international events in general.

Our portal is characterized by the speed of transmitting important events around the world. It also focuses on monitoring appropriate reports of the events on the scene. The site is also interested in monitoring the most prominent statistics and figures of interest to the Arab reader. The Videos section is interested in following up and displaying the most popular videos in Arab countries and around the world. The section also follows all television programs or the so-called “talk show” programs and works to monitor the video clips included in those programs of interest to the user.

The site also provides a live broadcast of essential and popular events through comprehensive coverage of specialized writers working around the clock to transmit events from the heart of events with permanent credibility and transparency.

MenaFeeds aims to become the most comprehensive and largest news portal in the Middle East through a distinguished journalistic performance with professionalism and the use of modern tools to provide everything that matches the interests of readers.

our vision

In conjunction with what is happening in the Arab world from the digitization of the press and the trend towards digital journalism, we at MenaFeeds seek to provide professional media services around the clock to make the reader in constant contact with important events and events on the Arab and global levels, and for accurate and influential news to be part of our daily lifestyle.

Our goal

To be the first and most comprehensive news portal in the Middle East.