Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Professor at the College of Communication at the , Dr. Nawal Askar Al-Naqbi, confirmed that the visit of the of and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to , comes as a continuation of the course of the close and distinguished relations that bind the two countries and what unites them from one fate and future, and an affirmation of the The depth of bilateral relations between the two countries and the importance of their regional role in facing rapid changes affecting all issues of the region and the .

In a special statement to 24, Dr. Al-Naqbi noted that “the Emirati-Egyptian relations are a historic partnership and extended coordination through agreements that were made through mutual visits to discuss and consolidate the relations established by Sheikh Zayed, may his soul rest in peace, even before the establishment of the union.”

Historical Relations

She said: “The UAE and Egypt have close historical relations, based on a common awareness and understanding of the nature of regional and international changes, and just as the late Sheikh , may God have mercy on him, supported Egypt in the war and his sons and our wise leadership walked with the same steps that established relations between the two countries, On the other hand, Egypt was one of the first countries that supported the establishment of the union of the in 1971, and was quick to recognize it as soon as it was announced and supported it internationally and regionally as a pillar of security and stability, and a new addition to the power of the .

Safety valve
She noted that “the UAE and Egypt have proven that they are the valve of safety, stability and Arab unity, and seek to achieve peace and cooperation with various countries in the region, and the strength and solidity of the partnership between the two countries and joint coordination between them, which reflects positively on the strength and unity of the two peoples, and confronts anyone who tries with his media campaigns to harm.” relations between the two countries, and work for the stability and security of society.

Dr. Al-Naqbi added that the UAE and Egypt have developed the level of bilateral relations between them in recent years to advanced stages, which contributed to strengthening their presence as one of the most important players in the region at the political and economic levels.

Ali Hassan Hassan

Ali Hassan Hassan

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